GDC Samba Logo


  • To work like a catalyst of change, remove deficiencies, enhance quality and bring about synergy in academics, administration, infrastructure and support system.
  • To empower students and enable them to rise above all constraints.
  • To introduce innovative courses which will not only strengthen educational inputs for betterment of society but also prepare the students to face the challenges of life effectively.
  • To impart the quality education having the holistic application in totality of life.
  • To ensure punctuality and discipline in the college.
  • To strengthen the infrastructure of the college.


  • To impart quality education among students to strengthen their knowledge/intellectual quotient.
  • To generate competitive spirit among students in order to attain excellence in academic, sports and co-curricular pursuits.
  • To equip the students with latest technical and skill based education by using innovative teaching learning techniques.
  • To foster the innate human values among students in order to produce morally, ethically and socially upright society.